Friday, September 1, 2017

Quilt of the Month - August Winner

Each month, the QQQ team has a contest with a theme.

The winner for August is Peggy of Peggy Gayler Designs with her gorgeous baby/toddler quilt with sail boats

CONGRATULATIONS Peggy! Well deserved!

Visit Peggy's shop - PeggyGaylerDesigns - to see more of her beautiful handmade quilts.
In her shop, you will find baby/kids quilts, table runners & toppers, mug rugs, Christmas- and Fall decor etc.


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Monday, August 21, 2017


Each year, the QQQ team has a UFO competition. In quilting language, UFO means Un-Finished-Object. Many of us quilters always have UFO's that are not finished for several reasons. 
The beginning of the year is always the best time to take action and actually finish some of  - or at least one - of the accumulated UFO's. Yes, they do multiply!!! Every quilter knows! 

The UFO competition started February 1st and ended July 31st. Team members who participated has been busy working on their UFO's. Some have finished their UFO's - or some UFO's - and some didn't manage to finish any. Life comes in the way, as it is said. 
For this year's competition, there were 11 entrants / 45 entries, some with several UFO's they wanted to finish before deadline. 
The 'fee' for participating in the UFO competition, is 1 (one) FQ (fat quarter) for each entry.

Now the competition has come to an end and we have 19 FINISHED UFO's! Click here to see them all.  

The voting is done and we have two winners! 


Voter's choice goes to #10, Patti from Sleeping Cat Creations with her gorgeous En Provence quilt

.... and this is how it looked like when Patti listed her entry

The winner of the random draw is #18 - Phyllis from Jambearies with her beautiful patriotic table runner 

... and here's the UFO entry 

Fat Quarters will soon find their way to your mail boxes!


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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

UFO Challenge - Finished UFO's - Part 5

QQQ Etsy team is having the annual UFO Challenge

11 team members signed up for the challenge, to finish their UFO's (or at least some UFO's) by the end of July.

More to read about the challenge here and the entries can be seen here.

It's the last day of July, and we have more finished UFO's:

Karen of Koloa Quilts and more has finished her modern batik lap quilt

Lynne of Lilstar Quilts has been busy and finished two quilts; modern patchwork quilt

... and her upcycle oriental fan quilt

Phyllis of Jambearies has been busy too and finished her patriotic table runner

Per end July 31, 2017: 45 entries (UFO's) - 19 FINISHED UFO'S - 26 un-finished

- More than just quilts: 10 / finished 0
- Village Quilts: 5 / finished 3
- Red Needle Quilts: 5 / finished 2
- Koloa Quilts: 4 / finished 3
- Jambearies: 4 / finished 2
- Lilstarquilts: 4 / finished 4
- Cozy Kitten Quilts: 4 / finished 0
- Sleeping Cat Creations: 4 / finished 1
- Olive Street Studio: 2 / finished 2
- Cindy's Quilt Patch: 2 / finished 1
- Enchantment Textiles: 1 / finished 1

Earlier UFO finishes:

- Part 4 
- Part 3 

***The UFO challenge is now closed***


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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Quilt of the Month - July Winner

Each month, the QQQ team has a contest with a theme.
For July, the theme was 'STARS'

The winner for July is Stephanie of Stephs Quilts with her gorgeous Hunter's Star lap quilt

Wouldn't this look great as a sofa throw or even wall hanging?

CONGRATULATIONS Stephanie! Well deserved! 

Visit Stephanie's shop - StephsQuilts - to see more of her beautiful handmade quilts.
Here you will find lap and bed quilts, baby quilts, table runners, place mats, mug rugs, pot holders, and Christmas items.


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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Quilt of the Month - June winner

Each month, the QQQ Etsy team has a contest with a theme.
For June, the theme was 'Summer / Beach'. 

The winner for June is Karen from Koloa Quilts & More with her fabulous beach / landscape art quilt

Wouldn't this art quilt look great as wall decor at your beach house?

CONGRATULATIONS Karen! Well deserved!

To see more of Karen's work, visit her shop Koloa Quilts and More
Here you will find Hawaiian and Beach inspired Quilts and Home Decor.

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